Sunday, January 07, 2007

Counterpoint debunked

Point: More people have been killed in the name of religion than any other cause.
Counterpoint: The killers would have found a reason to kill them anyways.

No. No! NO!

I hate this argument. It is logically weak in so many ways, but its apparent simplicity captures too many people.

You see, it suggests that murders in the name of religion aren't so atrocious, because they could have been for any reason. This disgusts me. The Holocaust was such a horrible thing because - among other reasons - millions of people were killed solely because of their religion. Saying "Oh, Hitler would have found another reason" detracts from the severity of the crime.

And it's just a stupid thing to say - if six million Jews had actually been six million Christians, the Third Reich would not have brutally slaughtered them all. If Israel was an Islamic nation, there would be no conflict with the Palestinians. If America was a Muslim nation, the terrorist threat would be nonexistent. If 15th Century Spain had Buddhist monarchs, the Inquisition would not have occurred.


Religion as disease: Scientology infests the minds of Britain

So. Scientologists in Britain decided to become more than just a church that people know about, they want to be a church that claims an entire nation of youths. Scientologists in Britain are using anti-drug seminars in schools for children in over 500 different high schools and private schools. Probably the most influential age for children regarding matters of sexuality, music preference, amount of corporal mortification and body piercings inflicted upon themselves, drug usage, and religion. A reporter had spoken to a representative form Narconon, Lucy Skirrow, who said: “'... about 56,000* students and teachers last year and we did 38,000 the year before . . . It has an effect . . . Kids say their viewpoints actually do change.'

"Narconon promotes a number of unorthodox theories and treatments — based on Hubbard’s work — which experts say are not backed by scientific evidence. In California, where Narconon has its international headquarters, the state department of education has advised schools against using the charity."

The UK is also (seemingly) taking a leaf out of California's book by by advising prisons to ban Narconon from their prisons, probably because they plan to use addicts as recruits by creating what they call "the world's largest drug "treatment" center.

Well, thats enough news on the exploitation of children. For more information, see the link in the bar on the left side that has a heading (pink highlighted) called "What you should know about Narconon"

*2006 for those of us still adjusting

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