Friday, October 21, 2005

Sermon on the Mount

There are in the scientific world, some true great people. I'm not just talking about the people who make discoveries, but the people who convey our message. One of those people is Sidney Harris, a cartoonist. He has drawn some of the most amazing science cartoons I have read. And this is his sermon from a scientist about "Genesis":

Preacher:Brothers and sisters, at the time of 10^-33 seconds after the big bang, the heat was enormous!
Crowd Member: Verily! It was over 10^33 degrees!
P: Matter and anti-matter arose!
CM: Halleluja- They annhilated each other!
P:And the universe was filled with particles!
CM: Amen! Quarks!
CM: And Gluons!
CM: Yea Leptons!


He also published a hilllarious cartoon that can be typed out here

. <--- The Universe before the Big Bang (actual size)

Sidney Harris is a great scientific mind. Here is my salute to him.


At 10/21/2005 7:15 PM, Blogger El Penguino said...

do people really have to make fun of religion to be great scientific minds?

At 10/21/2005 7:18 PM, Blogger Advocate of the Browns said...

No. I was just posting one of his many funny cartoons. Thats probably the only one where he makes fun of religion.


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